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2019 Price List (Prices set to increase in January 2020)


Please check the deposit for each item on our Contact Form. If you would like to purchase more than 2 documents, please contact us first to discuss waiting times and discounts.


We only accept Bitcoin as payment (for our customers safety and anonymity).


We will only ask for a % of the payment at the start (amount shown on order page). The outstanding amount need only be paid when the document is complete and we’ve provided photo and video evidence.


Our list of services include:

  • Real Passport with your Photo – $3000
  • US/UK Passport with/without cloned data – $1900
  • Western European Passport with/without cloned data – $1700
  • Eastern European Passport with cloned data – $1600
  • US/UK Drivers License with/without cloned data – $700
  • Drivers License W. Europe with/without cloned data $600
  • Drivers License E. Europe with/without cloned data – $650
  • Western European Resident Permit (except France) with/without cloned data – $700
  • Resident Permit France with/without cloned data – $800
  • Eastern European Resident Permit with/without cloned data – $600
  • US/UK ID Cards – $700 currently unavailable
  • All European ID Cards with/without cloned data – $600 
  • British National Insurance Number Card with/without cloned data – $250

Unfortunately, due to the increase in passport requests – we’ve had to discontinue the following services:

  • Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees
  • Standalone Visas (ie. without the purchase of a passport)

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