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It’s quite simple to make an order. Simply:

  1.  Complete the form on the Order Page
  2.  Purchase a little Bitcoin from LocalBitcoins.
  3.  Pay the deposit to our Bitcoin wallet address from the Order Page.
  4.  Enter your Bitcoin address in the correct section of the form, so that we can confirm receipt of your payment
  5.  Hit Submit on the order form
  6.  Please be patient while we create your document
  7.  When your item is ready, we’ll send a video of your new document to your email
  8.  When you’re satisfied with the quality, you’ll pay the outstanding amount, and provide an address
  9.  We’ll then post your document off, to the address of your choice, in a plain brown envelope

We will confirm the receipt of the form and payment within 24 hours and begin processing your document. As soon as the document is ready, we will contact you (by email only) to confirm your delivery address.

Please note: You do not have to have it delivered to your home or even under your name.

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