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Security elements in passports have become increasingly difficult to counterfeit. It takes expensive machinery and experts at the trade to manufacture one that can be used for travel. U.S. passports use 60 different materials in their design with 30 security features – most of them invisible.

Holograms, invented in the 40’s, have become a staple part of passport and ID security. Holograms can now be forged or recreated in a number of ways. The best way to do this is with a holographic stamper. It presses a piece of metal onto the hologram and allows you to use that piece as a die to cast new holograms.

There are many types of security inks used in US, UK and European passports. We have thermochromatic inks that change color when they are heated or cooled, inks that are one color from one angle and another color from a different angle, inks that dissolve when tampered with, and inks that either appear or disappear under UV light. We work with them all.

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